Travel As Inspiration

An Exploration of the Senses

La Romita | Umbria, Italy | April 22 - May 2, 2022 | $3750

Lisa Pressman and Sue Stover lead a workshop to explore travel as a source of sensory stimulation, and how to use that information to infuse your work with fresh perspective.

Students will work with textures, tones, colors, and the clarity of light from a variety of breathtaking locations chosen to inspire—a chance for artists to immerse themselves in the beauty and sensations of Umbria, Italy.

Cameras, sketchbooks, and assignments focusing on specific art fundamentals will shape your Italian experience, help you to discover new ways of seeing, and build a visual library influenced by the Umbrian landscape and villages.

With outings as inspiration, students will experiment in the studio using a range of materials including R&F pigment sticks, oil paint, cold wax, graphite, ink, water-based paints, fabrics, collage materials, and pastels. A variety of techniques, tools, and exercises will be used to explore personal imagery—abstract as well as representational.

Instruction will include demos, drawing exercises, and PowerPoint presentations with discussions on composition, color, and finding your unique voice. Sue and Lisa will give individual attention to each student, helping them to observe and experience the landscape, color, and light, and to take these inspirations back to their home studios.

Lisa and Sue combine their diverse backgrounds into a holistic approach to art making. Lisa is known for her painting and color expertise and Sue for her knowledge of textiles and sculpture. The two have partnered in teaching several classes together and revel in guiding their students toward an examination of process and motivation.