Learn to Dye with Indigo

Explore the magic of dyeing with indigo! Indigo is one of the oldest types of dyes used in many cultures throughout the world and the dyeing process is truly wonderful. This self-paced course will lead you through the steps to set up a small indigo vat, folding and binding techniques, and dyeing with this unique dye. If properly taken care of, an indigo vat can last many months. Students will also learn how easy it is to create many of the intricate patterns on fabric.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • incorporate fabric into your artwork.
  • explore traditional textile techniques.
  • create beautiful fabrics to use in clothing or scarves.
  • make fabric for collage or quilts.
  • take a break from your regular art practice for a day of play in the studio.

Pattern Techniques

Learn several ways to manipulate fabric - folding, stitching, binding, wrapping - to easily create beautiful designs.

The Indigo Vat

It is easy to set up an indigo vat and Susan will take you through the steps.

Dye Process

The dye process with indigo is truly magical and unique. You'll see how easy it is to get great results!

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