About Us

C2C Art

C2C Art was formed by friends and colleagues Lisa Pressman and Sue Stover. A coast-to-coast enterprise that encompasses their online, destination, and in-person courses as well as an active online resource and community center. We enjoy teaching together as our backgrounds compliment each other and we try to balance the serious practice of art with some humor and fun. We are always looking for ways to connect and collaborate (more C2C, get it?) with other artists and are adding to our roster of instructors.

The C2C Art Collective is an active resource center for art enthusiasts designed to inspire. When we realized that we had a treasure trove of materials that we use in our classes to illustrate concepts, we wanted to offer it at a low cost for students and other artists. The idea is all about community and conversation (more C2C, lol). Engaging in discussions is what we love, and providing a safe, supportive environment in which to do so.

Lisa Pressman

Co-Founder, Instructor

Lisa Pressman’s career has been marked by exploring the rich, expressive potential of medium and materiality She has explored a range of processes, among them oil painting, encaustic, cold wax, and mixed-media collage. Her work is abstract, conceptual, and process-driven, defined by marks, forms, colors and patterns. The artist creates works that are evocative...read more

Susan Stover

Co-Founder, Instructor

Susan Stover draws on over 30 years of professional experience in helping you realize your artistic goals. Susan works easily between a variety of mediums, ever attentive to their history and cultural foundations. Students benefit from her extensive knowledge of art, art history, and techniques. She demystifies various techniques and encourages students...read more

Milisa Galazzi

Associate Instructor

Artist, Milisa Galazzi, is best known for her three dimensional hand sewn shadow drawings, her printed works on paper, and her richly layered abstract drawing and paintings - all of which explore the very nature of being human. Her work is held in private international collections as well as public collections in the United States. She is an adjunct professor at Clark University,...read more

Joanna Kidney

Associate Instructor

Joanna Kidney is an Irish visual artist. Her practice is a practice of sense making, a web of interrelated ideas around how complex and tiny our lives are within the vast universe. It is an enquiry of the non-material, that which is not visible and concrete. Concerned with the holistic, temporal and interconnected aspects of being human, the work offers open, poetic prompts towards these ideas. Using a language of abstraction, her work is an enquiry of the mark and the line through drawing, painting and physical space....read more

Debra Claffey

Associate Instructor

Debra Claffey’s paintings in oil, encaustic, and mixed media concentrate on plant and foliage forms as expressions of the human dilemma. Her experience in horticulture adds a scientific perspective to her aesthetic appreciation of the natural world. With the plant kingdom as muse, Claffey’s work employs direct observation of nature to comment on the critical relationship between humans and plants...read more