Fabric and Encaustic

Exploring Mark-Making, Pattern and Repetition with Sue Stover

FountainHead Art Space | Roswell, GA | Feb 19-21, 2022 |  10:00am – 4:00pm |  $650

There are endless options for unique mark-making, layering and patterning when combining surface design techniques on fabric with wax. We will explore contemporary and traditional techniques such as silk painting, tie-dye, batik and sun printing. Students will also experiment with traditional surface design tools and learn how they can be adapted and used directly with the encaustic process.


Demonstrations and discussions will illustrate how the fabrics can be used in an encaustic painting and how the fabrics and wax can interact. Students will be making lots of their own unique fabrics and collaging them into encaustic paintings.


This class is designed for students that have had some experience with encaustic. Supply list will be sent upon registration. Course size limited to twelve participants.