Advanced Encaustic Painting

Building History, Layers and Luminosity with Lisa Pressman

Essence of Mulranny Studios | Ireland | September 7-14, 2022 |  10:00am – 4:00pm |  $500

This class helps participants develop a greater understanding of the subtleties of painting with encaustic. Lisa begins demonstrating how opacity and transparency plays a role in dynamic layering. Hands on exercises will help students understand how to layer for optimal color saturation and luminosity. She emphasizes the importance of the language of art and design including composition, scale and variety. Mark making and surface development is addressed using Pigment sticks for glazing and transfer, Pan Pastels and drawing materials.You are encouraged to identify personal symbols and markings to develop into a deeper visual dialogue. The focus is on how can encaustic add to your visual language.Encaustic equipment, history, and safety will be reviewed.