C2C Art is the creative collaboration between artists Lisa Pressman and Susan Stover. Here you will find their courses, inspirations, projects, and contributions from other artists too. We’re just getting started and will be adding things on an ongoing basis, so check in often! Or join our mailing list to receive updates, course information and happenings!

Why take a course with us?

  • What sets us apart from other online courses is that we focus mainly on concept and critique.

  • Our interest is in the physical and mental processes that go into the making of art and the formal issues that come up along the way.

  • Each course is rooted in an idea or theme to explore in your work, in class discussions, presentations and assignments.

  • We look at contemporary, historical and cultural artists for inspiration and to demonstrate the concept we’re working with.

  • We share videos and articles about contemporary artists for inspiration which connects to assignments and discussions.

  • Some course examples are: Contemplative Practices in Art, Visual Record: Art as Artifact, Material Language, Focus: Studio and Professional Practices, and Conquering Composition.

We offer in person, zoom, pre-recorded videos, and mentoring!

Hear what our students have to say!

They offer so much!

Donna H.

They have creative ideas for getting you out of your ‘comfort zone’ and expanding possibilities for your art making. They work with the individual artist..wherever she may be on her ‘artistic journey'. They are supportive and encouraging…offer useful suggestions to strengthen the work, and critique in a sensitive way. Lisa and Sue are just plain fun! They incorporate their knowledge about contemporary artists that is relevant to the topics in the class, introducing students to artists they may not have been familiar with and stimulates ideas for the work

More than I thought possible!

by Kathy E.

During the pandemic, I had the opportunity to study with Lisa and Sue Stover together, bringing together two master teachers who shared more knowledge and technique than I thought possible to fit into each session.  I was challenged and encouraged, introduced to new ways of working, but more than that, I was introduced to new ways of thinking.  Each class left me with an extensive list of ways to experiment on my own in a mindful manner, letting go of methods that no longer felt right and anxious to explore new ideas Lisa and Sue shared.

Provided a true artist community!

Tracey K.

"Lisa and Susan provided a true artist community and studio time to engage with other artists.   Working from our own studios, artists were able to work on some new techniques while being delivered creative prompts to inspire and motivate the work to appear.  I highly recommend taking "Contemplative Art Practices" which is a gift of quiet time around your practice to reflect and engage with your work."

This is what is different about classes with Lisa and Sue!

Donna H.

They offer classes you won’t find from other instructors. Their collaborative approach strengthens the whole experience…different styles but extremely complementary to each other. A number of students have taken from Lisa and Sue in the past; many are professional artists who bring their varied knowledge to the table…this enhances the experience and leads to a sense of artistic community and camaraderie.

It all boils down to a big Thank You!

Ellen H.

"Under the direction of Sue and Lisa I have explored new ways of working, expanded my art vocabulary and discovered I do like to draw! Sue and Lisa complement each other in their styles and knowledge. Their classes pushed me in new directions and have been the impetus to take my work in unexplored directions."

Dynamic Duo!

Paula S.

"Do not hesitate to take a course with this dynamic duo.  If you want to ignite your existing practice or to begin , Sue and Lisa are the teachers for you. They have a powerful combination of experiences and techniques. Their contagious passion for art has  informed me in every class and wanting to come back for more."

Environment of acceptance and inspiration!

Tina B.

“For the last eighteen months, I have had the opportunity to take classes from Lisa and Susan individually and as a team. They bring an environment of inspiration to each class and subject and have changed how I view myself as an artist and my personal voice and style. While their teaching styles and subject matter differ, Lisa and Susan bring with them an environment of acceptance and individual inspiration. They a have unique relationship as artists’ and as friends that bring warmth and laughter to their team teaching, creating a relaxed and friendly space. I am looking forward to progressing as an artist by taking more classes!”

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