In this fast-paced workshop participants use R&F Pigment Sticks® to create layered, expressive, richly surfaced paintings. We will be experimenting with a wide range of materials including oil paint, cold wax, graphite, ink, and pan pastels. 

R&F Pigment Sticks® allow the artist to draw or paint onto a surface with freedom and directness. Instruction will highlight a variety of techniques, tools, and exercises to explore personal imagery abstract as well as representational. Color including transparency and opacity will be shown. Layering, excavating, edge, line, texture, markmaking, and the concept of “editing” will be addressed. 

Working on multiple pieces in a series liberates the creative spirit so that a personal language and vision can develop. Individual attention and feedback is given to each student, the beginner as well as the professional. 

Exercises are grounded in abstraction, attention is paid to the use of personal symbols and markings that could interface with any imagery. An intuitive painting method is encouraged and participants will return to their studios with refreshed confidence, new ideas, and a variety of new expressive tools. 

Topics and techniques covered include: 

* health and safety; 

* how to prepare supports; layering; 

* building a surface; 

* stenciling; 

* monoprinting; 

* transfers; 

* mark making; 

* combining oil paint with Pigment Stick® and cold wax.