Why get a review?

 A review is an objective look at your work as a whole as well as individual works. It helps you to assess the direction you want your work to go, and that your ideas and work are cohesive and coherent. 

 Or, you may be stuck, not knowing which direction to go and need some help in finding the thread that connects the dots.

 The point of a review is growth, not remaining stagnant, and pushing the work forward. My aim is to have a dialogue with you and give supportive, constructive feedback to help you reach your goals.

 Each review includes a written response as well as a one hour session where we go over the feedback and gives you the opportunity to ask questions.

Some of the things I look at:

--Art fundamental concepts and how they are, or could be, utilized. They include: composition, color, contrast, line, shape, texture, balance, tension, scale, etc.

--Are you using the appropriate materials for your ideas?

--Have you mastered technical skills?

--Are your bodies of work cohesive.

--Is there an underlying theme to all your work.

--Trouble spots and common pitfalls.

--Presentation, framing, photography and image quality.

Portfolio Review with Susan Stover

An in depth evaluation and feedback on your work.


  • How do I schedule a review?

    Upon purchasing the review, you'll receive a email to answer some questions. After I receive the form and have reviewed your work, I will contact you to book a time for your one hour session.

  • What do I need to provide for a review?

    Preferably your website or instagram, and several images of your work.

  • After my review, can I schedule a follow-up?

    There are a couple of options of continuing to work with me. I offer a 30 Minute Feedback Session where we can discuss changes or any other concerns and an on-going mentorship where we can work on issues over a period of time.