August 19, 26, September 2, 9, 23, 2021

12:00 -2:00 CST

Are you interested in making books but not sure where to start?

In these five 2-hour live online classes, this introduction to bookmaking will take the participant on a journey through the amazing options for book making. The focus is on the many structural forms a book can take, the book as an art object, and using book elements as materials. Using this as a starting point, participants will be able to manifest their ideas in new and exciting ways.

Topics and Concepts include:

With demos, presentations, videos, discussions, and feedback on work.

  • How to develop content for a book.

  • Simple binding techniques and alternative book formats.

  • Recycled books and book parts.

  • Books as sculpture.

  • Relationship of materials and structure to content.

  • Flow, rhythm and interactivity.

  • Tools and materials for bookmaking.

  • Text and image.

  • Creating a narrative.

  • Altered books.

This class welcomes all medias - painting, printmaking, stitching, sculpture, encaustic, fabric and alternative materials. Participants will be encouraged through prompts to think outside the box stretching their materials and methods. Each class will include learning a new book structure with the homework projects open to your individual choice.
"By working with the book as an art form, you have an opportunity to engage with the viewer in a more intimate way than viewing a painting or sculpture. There are limitless opportunities to express your ideas and present them in a book format ranging from traditional book pages and covers to grids and sculpture. Books can contain text or be image-based, they can be sequential or just a collection of things, they can represent a journey, or a place to record ideas and thoughts. It's an exciting way to work in and of itself, but also gives the artist another way to expand their ideas and present them to a viewer on a different level." -Susan Stover

Book - Art - Object

Expanding ideas on the book as art.


  • Do I need experience making books?

    No, this is a course for anyone who is interested in exploring books as an art form.

  • Do I need expensive special equipment?

    Not really, you will use basic materials and tools (all detailed in the supplies handout). There are some optional materials and tools listed that can be purchased if you are interested.

  • How do I access the live sessions?

    Once you purchase the class, you will have access to the welcome section of the course content. There you will find the supply list, description of how the class will flow, and the link to the first class meeting. The class is a combination of recorded videos and live sessions. The live sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the course for replay. The best part is you don’t have to worry about frantically taking notes but can focus on the live sessions and watch the replay to capture the key points you want to take notes on.

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