Mentoring + Coaching

What’s the work about?

  • Learning how to see and learn a vocabulary in which to self-critique
  • Revisiting fundamentals of art and design
  • Looking at work in progress
  • Letting go of the preciousness
  • When is the painting finished
  • Individual exercises and challenges to expand your process
  • Working in a series
  • Art Historical references and information
  • Organizing your website images
  • Possibilities for exhibition
  • Goal-setting
  • How to deal with creative blocks
  • Taking Risks
  • Understanding the ups and downs of studio life
  • Art Intensive Mentoring ($575)

    Art Intensive Mentoring offers personal, in-depth responses to artists while they are working on ongoing projects. Artists can engage at their own pace with custom tailored curriculum based on their particular experience and needs. Mentoring sessions can be purchased in blocks of 3 hours.

  • Portfolio Review ($325)

    A comprehensive one-time review of your body of work. Artists are required to submit materials in advance of the session. This review can help an artist evaluate possible next steps, set goals and receive a fresh and informed review of the work. 75 minutes or more.

  • Private Studio Time

    Come do a studio portfolio review, refresh your skills or do a one day workshop. Come to NJ, stay local (right next to a huge Jerry’s Outlet store) and enjoy the privacy and intensity of one on one instruction. Encaustic or Oil and Wax!

Lisa Pressman

Lisa’s teaching style is process-oriented. Get ready to get messy as you have fun exploring her intuitive and improvisational approach. Combining and flowing between various mediums, she layers and excavates the rich surfaces of her pieces revealing the history of ideas, images, and mediums contained within. You will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the various mediums in her classes as you explore each one’s potential while developing your own visual language. Lisa nurtures you as an artist, honoring your artistic vision while also giving you detailed formal assessments of your work that are critical to your growth as an artist. Lisa is a Silver Brush Educator and R&F Core Instructor.

"Lisa creates an environment that replicates being with her in person. That is - a place to gather to not only learn amazing techniques but a place where we all feel connected in a time where there is such disconnect. Her teaching style exudes not only passion for her own work but a deep desire to share her vast knowledge with her students. In essence she has the uncanny ability to create contagious effervescence in every class regardless of the setting. I have taken many classes with Lisa and always come away with excited to continue my work and looking forward to her next class. If you want to feel connected to other like minded artist along with an exceptional teacher, I highly recommend studying with Lisa Pressman. - Paula"